Permavent Breather Membrane

Permavent Breather MembranePermavent’s high performance breather membranes, for use in construction and roofing, are fully certified and guaranteed to offer the best protection against condensation. Permavent breather membranes were fully certified for use in all roofing applications. Permavent breather membrane is good at controlling condensation that it is the only 3 layer roofing membrane to pass the air permeability test from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and will offer the best option for use as a better alternative breather membrane to our rival brand leaders such as Tyvek, Klober and Roofshield (when used as roofing felt).

Permavent’s membrane easily out performs other heavier roofing underlays such as the Tyvek. The independent tests from the BBA show just how good our roofing felt really is. The example below shows how our lighter weight breather membrane is stronger and more flexible than its competitors heavier membranes.

Permavent MAX Tyvek Supro Proctor Roofsheild Klober Permoforte
Base weight 140 145 175 175
Tensile strength 245.5 275.5 230 324
Elongation 93% 21% 37.5% 15.5%
Mail tear 180 125 143 156
Breathability 1343 935 2409 1034
Water tightness >600 237 114 >200
Vapour resistance 0.15 0.22 0.09 0.20



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