Manthorpe Building Products


Manthorpe Building ProductsManthorpe’s product portfolio is comprehensive and new product development is ongoing through their in-house R&D Department.

We can supply their extensive product range:

Access Panels
Out of sight but always available, the Manthorpe access panel range allows for quick and simple entry to concealed plumbing, electrics and other utilities.

Air Leakage
Manthorpe’s range of air leakage products are designed to tackle the problem of heat loss due to open air gaps behind radiator pipe penetrations and other open construction details.

Cavity Closers
The Manthorpe range of Cavity Closers offers an economical solution to closing the cavity at window and door reveals while also solving cold bridging problems.

Cavity Trays
Driving rain can penetrate the outer brickwork of a structure run down the inside of the cavity; Manthorpe’s cavity tray range catches this rainwater and diverts it back out of the property.

Dry Roofing
Manthorpe’s range of dry fix roofing products offer a reliable and cost effective means of securing ridges, hips and verge without the need for mortar.

Flood Defence
Manthorpe flood protection equipment can help to delay flood water entering a property, providing valuable time to safeguard items within the home such as furniture and electrical goods.

Loft Doors
All Manthorpe loft doors are designed to be fit with a minimum of fuss and labour, while offering insulation and draft proofing to recommended industry standards.

Roof Ventilation
Manthorpe manufactures a range of quality roof ventilation products which tackle the major problem of high levels of condensation in an insulated roof space.

Drainage Channels
The Manthorpe drainage channel range provides you with everything you need to remove the standing water from around your property, suitable for most common paving surfaces.

Through Wall & Underfloor Vents
The under floor void, if left unventilated, can be a breeding ground for mould and a collection point for stagnant and potentially explosive gases, the problem is easily solved with Manthorpe’s range of ventilation products.