Kirkpatrick Architectural Hardware

Kirkpatrick Architectural Hardware

Kirkpatrick Door Furniture

Kirkpatrick manufacture and supply a huge variety of door furniture. Kirkpatrick’s products range from door numbers and door name plates to door knockers and letter plates and can complement your home our place of work whether it be a traditional building or a contemporary building.

Kirkpatrick products have been cast using the original traditional methods that were used many years ago. Some products come in various sizes and finishes and can really change the look and feel of your door or gate.

Take a look at Kirkpatrick’s different kinds of door furniture and if you spot something you like, you can then visit our trade counter or call 01254 300 222 to place an order. Our technical team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Kirkpatrick website

Kirkpatrick Door & Gate Furniture

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Kirkpatrick Window Furniture

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The latest Kirkpatrick Product Catalogue is available as a free download in pdf format. (File size: 9.81Mb)