Hoppe Door and Window Hardware

Hoppe Door and Window Hardware

No matter whether you’re looking for handles for entrance doors, for interior doors or for profile doors, whether you’re looking for sliding door sets or pull handles, Hoppe can offer this and more at an optimum benefit/price ratio. Appealing design is combined with innovative technology for various requirements, for example in lockable window handles, fire-resistant lever sets or security hardware. Hoppe offers a 10 year operational guarantee on all door and window handles, as we believe that a brand product must keep its promise of quality to the customer. Hoppe: Handles of excellence.

Architectural Aluminium

Hoppe aluminium levers and pull handles are produced using high quality, corrosion resistant alloys. The surface finish of Hoppe aluminium products is achieved using an anodizing process, which gives certain protection against atmospheric corrosion, perspiration from hands, and light scratching.

Architectural Brass

Hoppe lever furniture and pull handles are manufactured using high quality brass. Lever furniture is lacquered using an electrophoretic process providing an excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals.
Hoppe brass levers and pull handles are designed to provide the highest quality at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Architectural Stainless Steel

Hoppe stainless steel levers and pull handles are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Characteristics such as longevity and corrosion resistance have established stainless steel as a popular material in the manufacture of architectural hardware. Manufactured by Hoppe in Germany using the latest engineering technology and computer aided designs our stainless steel range of levers, pull handles and accessories are available in both satin and polished finishes.

Architectural Nylon

Hoppe nylon levers and pull handles are manufactured to exacting standards from polyamide nylon giving good tensile properties, impact strength and wear resistance. nylon gives good antistatic behaviour and resistance to corrosion and chemicals.
Hoppe nylon levers are available in both solid and steel cored versions.

Under the ARRONE® brand name, Hoppe (UK) Ltd are able to offer a comprehensive range of architectural quality door and window hardware along with accessories. Many products are manufactured exclusively by leading hardware manufacturers throughout the world. Within the extensive range are door closers, fl oor springs, emergency exit devices, cylinders, architectural mortice lock cases, hinges, disabled fittings, signs and accessories.

ARRONE® products are designed and manufactured to compliment the Hoppe range of aluminium, brass, stainless steel and nylon door and window hardware.

Security Handles from Hoppe 

PAS24 is a specification that addresses the security requirements for complete door assemblies and is endorsed by Secured By Design. Part 2 of one particular section of PAS24 (Clause A.11) addresses cylinder snapping which is proven to be one of the most vulnerable areas of a doorset. In order to satisfy the requirements of PAS24 Clause A.11, part 2 a cylinder with anti drill, core extraction and manipulation has to be fitted. This cylinder is then only vulnerable to snapping at its central construction and has to be protected which is where security hardware is required. This is tested in accordance with Clause A.11, part 1 and addresses a manual attack element where a specific tool kit is used to find ways of breaking through the security hardware to expose the cylinder & snap it before gaining entry.

In more recent amendments to PAS24 Clause A.11, a variation of an existing tool (Mole Grips) has been included to increase the attack strength on security hardware and has led to a greater risk of door handle sets being compromised in terms of their ability to secure & protect. The modified mole grip tool was introduced in an amendment to the PAS24 document in 2011 and has since been updated once more in September 2012. PAS24: 2012 therefore requires any companies not already having test evidence or certification to include the upgraded tooling list to upgrade this at their respective products next audit stage. Companies also testing for the first time will now have to test in accordance with PAS24: 2012.

Hoppe Electronics & access solutions

ARRONE® Access Solutions offer a full range of Access Control products along with electronics and automatics. Hoppe wide range of products meet today’s demanding market where Access Control is playing a major role. With our stocks now updated to compliment the ever growing requirements demanded by our customers we offer a comprehensive range including:

  • Standalone and on-line systems including a full range of Proximity and Swipe Card Readers.
  • Optical keypads with built in proximity capability as well as Biometric and Palm Readers using the very latest technology.
  • Hoppe systems can be used as a completely standalone system or for more advanced technology we can also supply hardwired and on-line solutions.

Hoppe have expanded their core stock product range of locking devices to include, Electric Strikes, Magnetic locks, Shear Magnets and Solenoid bolts to compliment the above activation devices. Egress solutions are catered for using our extensive range of Exit Buttons, Key switches, and other exit devices including Microswitch Panic Bars, Break Glass Units and Versatile Relays.

Hoppe Electronics range offers a substantial range of products including Electro Magnetic door closers, Transformer Rectifiers and Retaining Magnets and all are capable of being integrated into the fire alarm systems. To be released in the event of a fire by the signal/pulse from a fire alarm panel.

Hoppe can also supply automatic gate, garage, bollard and barrier systems to meet the most demanding usage. All Hoppe automatics can be provided with locking solutions and can also be used along side Hoppe Access control systems.